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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Cash Calls 26-03-2020 | Join today and pay Next Week/Next Month

Cash Calls are a mix of Intraday & Positional Trades on Stocks only. All calls are Live-Market/Real-Time Calls and sent on WhatsApp.   

Closed Calls in Current Series:
DateStockIndicative Buying Qty
based on Lot Size
StrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per
Lot (Rs.)
Holding Period
28-Feb-2020BANKBARODA - EQ5400Buy75.577.528-Feb-20202108000
28-Feb-2020BHEL - EQ10400Buy30.7531.128-Feb-20200.3536400
02-Mar-2020TVSMOTOR - EQ1350Buy436.544202-Mar-20205.574250
28-Feb-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy169.517803-Mar-20208.5229504
03-Mar-2020MINDTREE - EQ800Buy973.8598903-Mar-202015.15121200
03-Mar-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy31.233.105-Mar-20201.9167202
05-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy289291.805-Mar-20202.884000
06-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy272272.506-Mar-20200.515000
06-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy269.5272.506-Mar-2020390000
06-Mar-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy162209-Mar-20206528003
09-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy25725909-Mar-2020260000
06-Mar-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy1627.511-Mar-202011.51012005
11-Mar-2020BAJFINANCE - EQ250Buy4065410511-Mar-202040100000
12-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy210.5215.512-Mar-20205150000
13-Mar-2020IDEA - EQ98000Buy3.955.713-Mar-20201.751715000
13-Mar-2020IDEA - EQ98000Buy3.954.2513-Mar-20200.3294000
13-Mar-2020IDEA - EQ98000Buy3.95513-Mar-20201.051029000
13-Mar-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy15615813-Mar-2020254000
13-Mar-2020IDEA - EQ98000Buy3.956.9516-Mar-202032940003
16-Mar-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy32.539.816-Mar-20207.3642400
16-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy223.75227.516-Mar-20203.75112500
17-Mar-2020EXIDEIND - EQ2900Buy141.214419-Mar-20202.881202
19-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy204.521019-Mar-20205.5165000
19-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy202.721020-Mar-20207.3219001
19-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy204.5215.520-Mar-202011330001
19-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy202.7215.520-Mar-202012.8384001
23-Mar-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy125.812923-Mar-20203.286400
23-Mar-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy125.8133.2523-Mar-20207.45201150
25-Mar-2020INDUSINDBK - EQ400Buy285.730825-Mar-202022.389200
25-Mar-2020INDUSINDBK - EQ400Buy285.7323.525-Mar-202037.8151200
26-Mar-2020JINDALSTEL - EQ5000Buy91.695.526-Mar-20203.9195000

There can be a time lag between giving the Buy/Sell Call and when it is actually executed at the client end. This could also result in the trades being executed at slightly different prices - affecting the actual performance to that extent. Please keep the same in mind while looking at the above performance and subscribing to the services on the basis of the same.  

ServiceAnnual Fees (₹)Quarterly Fees (₹)Monthly Fees (₹)
Cash Calls25001000500
GST @ 18%45018090
Total Fees29501180590


Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank
Account Name Raghvendra Narendra Dhoot
Current Account Number76 11 41 00 68
IFSC Code for NEFTKKBK0000958
BranchNariman Point, Mumbai
Cash Deposit Possible with 120 extra
PayTM Mobile # 96199-24566
IMPSMMID - 9641451 linked to Mobile # - 96199-24566
UPI 9619924566@okbizaxis

You can join today and pay next week/next month.

If interested, kindly reply to this message and add my no - 9619924566 to your phone book. You can message me directly on WhatsApp from here

If you dont save my number, you will not get the Calls sent via WhatsApp Broadcast Messages.

Please mail me the payment details along with your Name & PAN (incase of cash deposits) to RNDHOOT@GMAIL.COM.

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