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Monday, February 25, 2019

The Sensex Outlook for the Week Starting 25-02-2019

Expecting a mildy positive start to the week, however sustaining higher levels is still a concern for the markets. We see buying emerge at lower levels (~35300) and intense selling at higher levels (~36000). Do not carried away with any rallies, instead initiate shorts at higher levels.

Date 25-Feb-19
Index Sensex Nifty
S2          35,806         10,772
S1          35,842         10,783
Previous Close   35,871.48   10,791.65
R1          35,907         10,802
R2          36,023         10,837
Fair Value 32,336 9,728

FnO Calls | #StandWithForces #ForTheCountry #WontForget #Pulwama 

Mere Words cannot describe the Anger of a Nation or the Grief of the Families beavered in the Terror Attack in Pulwama. But we can take small mindful
actions to make a difference.

Till Monday, out of every subscription to Raghav's Picks F&O Calls, a portion will be transferred to the National Defence Fund ( in the name of the Subscriber. Alternatively, if you have already contributed to the fund, just deduct the contribution from the normal fees of our F&O Calls and pay the balance - no need to share the proof of your donation - your word and your conscience is good enough proof.

ServiceAnnual Fees (₹)Quarterly Fees (₹)Monthly Fees (₹)
Fees for All F&O Calls1700060003000
GST @ 18%30601080540
Total Fees2006070803540
Contribution to NDF in your Name1000025001000

FnO Calls are a mix of Intraday & Positional Trades on Index,Stock,Currency Futures as well as Options. All calls are Live-Market/Real-Time Calls and sent on WhatsApp.


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