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About me

I have more than 20 years of experience in trading/investing in the Indian markets.I started Raghav's Picks as an Investment Advisory Service in May 2005 and today,I can boast of a client/subscriber base of a more than 2000 retail clients from all over the country and abroad.

I am NOT an Agent or Broker for Mutual Funds and similar Investment/Financial Products. I only advise my clients for investments and financial issues for a fee.Whether the client invests thru me or anywhere else, is entirely his or her prerogative.

My services range from daily calls for traders, weekly calls for pure investors, tax planning advise for traders as well as investors and I cover the entire spectrum of:

Stock Trading
Futures & Options
Medium to Long Term Investing
Financial Planning
Taxation Planning
Asset Allocation
Customized Strategies for Wealth Creation, Capital Protection and Regular Income

I periodically organize one to one meetings with prospective clients in and around Mumbai, wherein I present my Services, and discuss how my services can be customized/optimized to suit your specific Investment and Trading requirements.

Whether you are a short term/medium term trader or a long term investor or a new comer who wants to save for his future and make the most of the wealth creation opportunities thrown up by the markets, I have a service to offer you, which can be further fine tuned to your specific needs, if any.