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Friday, December 9, 2022

Introducing The F&O Handholding Program

A subscription based service where each client will receive 1-1 personalized trades and 100% individual attention.

The trades will be based on the client's margin as well as trading temperament, in line with my view on the market.

The best part of the service is the fees. 

You can choose to pay ₹10000/ 15000/ 25000 for this service. The service will be valid till the client earns 5 times of the fees paid. By earning, I mean Profit before brokerage and taxes.

EXAMPLE - If you paid ₹10000, and earned ₹50000 before brokerage and taxes in 3 months, then your service would be up for renewal then.

I will be taking only a limited number of clients and strictly on a First Come First Served basis.

Please mail or whatsapp or telegram on RNDHOOT@GMAIL.COM & 9619924566 for any query and to pay and join.

By reading this & joining, you are agreeing the Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability at  

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