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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Sensex Outlook for the Day 28-09-2021

There is no change in the near term outlook for the markets. A day of quiet consolidation usually precedes a big move.
We are on track for the targets of 60854/18093 this week and 62114/18467 soon.
Continue to remain long accordingly/keep adding to your long positions as per risk appetite.
Support for the day lies at 59718/17748/37822.
The short term targets  given above will be under threat only with a close below 58875/17498/36994.

28 Sep 21
S2 59,887 17,798
S1 60,004 17,833
Previous Close 60,077.88 17,855.10
R1 60,126 17,869
R2 60,234 17,902
Fair Value 40,867 12,146 


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