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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Performance Update - 3 BANK NIFTY Stocks for the Day

The strategy is to buy all 3 stocks @ 9:15 at the opening rates and put a sell @ 2% higher than cost. Whichever stock doesn't get sold, we hold it without SL for the next trading day. 

If on a particular trading day, only 2 stocks are sold @ 2%+ and we are holding 1 stock, then the next day we will buy only 2 fresh stocks and put the sell orders for all the 3 stocks  @ 2% higher than cost.

This strategy has been working well on Zerodha because Zerodha has a basket order product. Other brokers may also have similar products, but all those who have been testing this strategy, including your's truly have done it on Zerodha with good to great results.

This is a no-brainer way to earn small (we keep only a 2% spread) but sure-shot profits & since we are only trading in the Universe of the BANK NIFTY Index Stocks, the chances of being stuck in a dud/non-investment grade stock are 0.

The selection of the 3 stocks is done by a proprietary stock screen developed by me over the last 3 years.

There are no emotions, fundamentals, or SGX Nifty cues to follow.

No of days the Service has been live: 2
Total Calls Given: 6 (2*3)
Closed Calls: 1 & Open Calls:5
Average Holding Period of the Closed Calls: 0 Days

CLOSED CALLS (in August series till date):
NEW SERVICE : 3 BANKNIFTY Stocks for the Day
StockBuy DateBuy Rate (Opening Price of the Day)Sell DateSell Rate
(At 2% Higher than Buying Rate)
% GainsNo of
*Disclaimer & Exclusion of Liability at Applies.



ServiceAnnual Fees (₹)Monthly Fees (₹)
3 Sensex Stocks for the Day100001000
3 Small Cap Stocks for the Day100001000
3 BankNifty Stocks for the Day100001000
Combo Pack of 3+3+3 Stocks for the Day200002000


BankKotak Mahindra Bank
Account NameRaghvendra Narendra Dhoot
Current Account Number76 11 41 00 68
IFSC Code for NEFTKKBK0000958
BranchNariman Point, Mumbai
Cash DepositPossible with ₹ 120 extra
GooglePay / PayTMMobile # 96199-24566
IMPSMMID - 9641451 linked to Mobile # - 96199-24566

Please share the payment details along with your Name & Mobile & PAN (incase of cash deposits) to any of the following coordinates:


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