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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Sensex Outlook for the Day 20-07-2021

Adverse global cues and the volatility in the uncharted ATH zone are testing the resilience and patience of die-hard bulls like Yours Truly.
The SL levels (52602/15762/35149) for conservative traders got triggered yesterday.
Expect the markets to stabilize around 52250/15660 before resuming the uptrend towards 53860/16144.
The targets of 54128/16219 will be negated only with a close below 52209/15644.

Date20 Jul 21
S2 52,255 15,663
S1 52,406 15,708
Previous Close 52,553.40 15,752.40
R1 52,593 15,764
R2 52,614 15,770
Fair Value 35,324 10,588 


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