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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Sensex Outlook for the Day 09-06-2021

This week so far, we have only seen a fair bit of volatile consolidation in a tight range.
Historically, such periods preceded a change of trend in the markets - however, I continue to stick my neck out for the targets of  52503/15760, 53197/15961, and 53430/16050. 
Aggressive traders should continue to remain long/ add to your longs/ add fresh longs for the above levels. 
Conservative traders can keep a trailing SL at 52048/15671.
Date9 Jun 21
S2 52,157 15,704
S1 52,235 15,728
Previous Close 52,275.57 15,740.10
R1 52,293 15,745
R2 52,400 15,778
Fair Value 34,488 10,384 


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