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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Performance of Trading Calls 22-Feb-2021 | Latest Trades are Highlighted || Only for today - Subscribe to all Services for ₹5000/6 Months

F&O Calls are a mix of Intraday & Positional Trades on Futures as well as Options on Nifty, Banknifty & Stocks.
All calls are Live-Market/Real-Time Calls and sent on WhatsApp & Telegram.
Past Performance of FnO Calls -
DateContractLot SizeStrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (₹)Gain per Lot (₹)Holding Period (Days)
29-Jan-2021NIFTY 04Feb 14000 Call75Buy1842001-Feb-20211612003
29-Jan-2021NIFTY 04Feb 14000 Call75Buy1651851-Feb-20212015003
2-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 04Feb 33800 Put25Buy3624002-Feb-2021389500
28-Jan-2021M&M Future (Rolled Over From Jan to Feb)1400Buy820.558463-Feb-202125.45356306
3-Feb-2021NIFTY 04Feb 14800 Call75Buy46853-Feb-20213929250
28-Jan-2021SBIN Future (Rolled Over From Jan to Feb) 3000Buy300.453364-Feb-202135.551066507
1-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 04Feb 31800 Put25Buy13104-Feb-2021-131-32753
2-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 04Feb 33600 Put25Buy37004-Feb-2021-370-92502
2-Feb-2021NIFTY 04Feb 14150 Put75Buy15.6504-Feb-2021-15.65-1173.752
3-Feb-2021NIFTY 04Feb 14850 Call75Buy56.5604-Feb-20213.5262.51
4-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 04Feb 34500 Call25Buy81.5954-Feb-202113.5337.50
4-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 04Feb 34500 Call25Buy641264-Feb-20216215500
5-Feb-2021NIFTY 11Feb 15000 Call75Buy1451728-Feb-20212720253
8-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 11Feb 36200 Call25Buy4055409-Feb-202113533751
2-Feb-2021HDFCLIFE Future1100Buy695723.611-Feb-202128.6314609
8-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 11Feb 36200 Call25Buy5401011-Feb-2021-530-132503
10-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 11Feb 36200 Call25Buy2401011-Feb-2021-230-57501
11-Feb-2021SBIN 400 Call3000Buy12.351515-Feb-20212.6579504
17-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY 18Feb 36600 Put25Buy123.518017-Feb-202156.51412.50
15-Feb-2021NIFTY Future75Sell152901510018-Feb-2021190142503
15-Feb-2021NIFTY Feb 15250 Call75Buy20382.818-Feb-2021-120.2-90153
18-Feb-2021NIFTY 18Feb 15050 Put75Buy9.512.418-Feb-20212.9217.50
17-Feb-2021SBIN Mar 400 Put3000Buy1922.519-Feb-20213.5105002
19-Feb-2021NTPC Feb Future5700Buy103.2510519-Feb-20211.7599750
19-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY Feb Future25Sell363563625019-Feb-202110626500
19-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY Feb Future25Sell363563569819-Feb-2021658164500
19-Feb-2021NIFTY Feb 14500 Put75Buy17.452219-Feb-20214.55341.250
22-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY Feb 35500 Put25Buy34940022-Feb-20215112750
22-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY Feb 35400 Put25Buy36941022-Feb-20214110250
22-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY Feb 35300 Put25Buy33938522-Feb-20214611500
22-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY Feb 35200 Put25Buy343.540022-Feb-202156.51412.50
22-Feb-2021BANKNIFTY Mar Future25Sell360673522022-Feb-2021847211750
Cash Calls are a mix of Intraday & Positional Trades on Stocks only. All calls are Live-Market/Real-Time Calls and sent on WhatsApp & Telegram
DateStockIndicative Buying Qty
based on Lot Size
StrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per
Lot (Rs.)
Holding Period
02-Feb-2021HDFCLIFE - EQ1100Buy692.572311-Feb-202130.5335509
11-Feb-2021SBIN - EQ3000Buy391.840715-Feb-202115.2456004

*Disclaimer & Exclusion of Liability at Applies.

Fees:- ONLY for today - Subscribe to all 3 services for 5000/6 Months

Regular Fees:

ServiceAnnual Fees (₹)Monthly Fees (₹)
F&O Trading Calls250003000
Cash Calls75001500
F&O & Cash Calls Combined300002000
3 Sensex Stocks for the Day100001000


Kotak Mahindra Bank

Account Name

Raghvendra Narendra Dhoot

Current Account Number

76 11 41 00 68

IFSC Code for NEFT



Nariman Point, Mumbai

Cash Deposit

Possible with ₹ 120 extra


Mobile # 96199-24566


MMID - 9641451 linked to Mobile # - 96199-24566



Credit Cards - Please E-Mail me with the Choice of Service to receive a payment link on E-Mail/SMS.


Please mail me the payment details along with your Name & PAN (incase of cash deposits) to RNDHOOT@GMAIL.COM      

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