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Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Sensex Outlook for the Week Starting 01-02-2021

After losing more than 3% last month, we begin February 2021 with the Union Budget presentation.

The correction/downslide which started from the All Time High levels is still in its infancy - we are no track for even lower levels going forward into February.

For today, expect the markets to break 46160/13600.The targets for February will be closer to 43656/12860.

The market outlook will change for the positive only with a close above 47317/13938 - traders can aggressively short the NIFTY with a SL at this level.

Date1 Feb 21
S2 45,706 13,463
S1 46,160 13,598
Previous Close 46,285.77 13,634.60
R1 46,482 13,692
R2 46,623 13,734
Fair Value 30,689 9,040 


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