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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Performance of Trading Calls 01-07-2020

F&O Calls are a mix of Intraday & Positional Trades on Futures as well as Options on Nifty, Banknifty & Stocks.
All calls are Live-Market/Real-Time Calls and sent on WhatsApp.
DateContractLot SizeStrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (₹)Gain per Lot (₹)Holding Period (Days)
24-Jun-2020RELIANCE July Future505Sell1765173026-Jun-202035176752
26-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy102941031126-Jun-20201712750
26-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy102471028526-Jun-20203828500
29-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy102041024029-Jun-20203627000
29-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy101731024029-Jun-20206750250
29-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy102141026229-Jun-20204836000
29-Jun-2020NIFTY 02JUL 10250 Call75Buy11214229-Jun-20203022500
26-Jun-2020NIFTY 02JUL 10400 Put75Sell18211830-Jun-20206448004
26-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy103081033030-Jun-20202216504
29-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy102281033030-Jun-202010276501
29-Jun-2020NIFTY 02JUL 10250 Call75Buy11216630-Jun-20205440501
30-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy10313103801-Jul-20206750251
30-Jun-2020NIFTY Future75Buy10257103351-Jul-20207858501
30-Jun-2020NIFTY 02JUL 10250 Call75Buy110.51401-Jul-202029.52212.51
1-Jul-2020NIFTY 02JUL 10300 Call75Buy811001-Jul-20201914250
1-Jul-2020NIFTY 02JUL 10400 Call75Buy49.5561-Jul-20206.5487.50
1-Jul-2020NIFTY Future75Buy10295103351-Jul-20204030000
1-Jul-2020NIFTY 02JUL 10400 Call75Buy49.5631-Jul-202013.51012.50

Past Performance of Earlier F&O Series: 

Cash Calls are a mix of Intraday & Positional Trades on Stocks only. All calls are Live-Market/Real-Time Calls and sent on WhatsApp.
DateStockIndicative Buying Qty
based on Lot Size
StrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per
Lot (Rs.)
Holding Period
25-Jun-2020TECHM - EQ1200Buy559.0572.026-Jun-202013.0156001
26-Jun-2020NESTLEIND - EQ50Buy16680.016910.029-Jun-2020230.0115003
25-Jun-2020NESTLEIND - EQ50Buy16825.017100.030-Jun-2020275.0137505
29-Jun-2020MARICO - EQ2000Buy348.8354.030-Jun-20205.3105001
29-Jun-2020NESTLEIND - EQ50Buy16730.017100.030-Jun-2020370.0185001
26-Jun-2020ITC - EQ2400Buy195.5202.001-Jul-20206.5156005
01-Jul-2020INFRATEL - EQ2800Buy218.0220.001-Jul-20202.056000

*Disclaimer & Exclusion of Liability at Applies.

Fees from 1st July 2020:

ServiceAnnual Fees (₹)Monthly Fees (₹)
F&O Trading Calls250003000
Cash Calls75001500
F&O & Cash Calls Combined300002000


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