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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Raghav's Picks Trading Range Indicator

Most of the time, a stock or an Index trades between and around x,y & z

Whenever the price crosses above all 3, a correction sets in sooner than later and vice versa when the prices go below all 3.

This technique has been back-tested for the last 7000+ trading days [since January 1991] with consistent accuracy.

During periods of sustained rallies and extended corrections - the 3 variables - x,y&z stood as signposts for probable price levels.

When the stock or index manages to hold itself above all 3, keep the trailing stop loss at the highest of the 3 variables - x,y & z.

Similarly, when the price is below all 3, the variable immediately above acts as a Resistance for the index.

This technique is slightly finer than BollingerBands and can be calculated on the EOD data using a simple spreadsheet.

It can be used on any liquid stock, index, or future with at least 21 days of EODdata.

Please find below the Charts & Levels for the SENSEX, NIFTY, COLPAL &  SBILIFE for 22nd June 2020.


Date 22-Jun-20
Z 33613.6
Low 34136.39
Y 34352.7
X 34572.2
SENSEX 34731.73
High 34848.37

Date 22-Jun-20
Z 9917.2
Low 10072.65
Y 10129.1
X 10196.5
NIFTY 10244.4
High 10272.4

Date 22-Jun-20
Z 1336.6
Low 1348
X 1358.9
Y 1360.9
High 1372

Date 22-Jun-20
Z 766.3
Low 767.2
X 774.6
High 780.85
Y 782.3

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