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Monday, April 27, 2020

The Sensex Outlook for the Week Starting - 27-04-2020

The markets played out the "worst-case" scenario given in this column last week as they consolidated just below the resistance zone of 31700/9300.
Going forward, expect the markets to break the resistance zone soon.
Continue to remain long on the NIFTY & add to your longs for targets of 32000+/9400+
Conservative traders can keep a closing SL at 31100/9100.
Avoid trading in stocks outside the F&O universe and keep SL at the stock level as well as at the Sensex/Nifty level.

S2           31,278             9,140
S1           31,302             9,147
Previous Close      31,327.22        9,154.40
R1           31,371             9,167
R2           31,483             9,200
Fair Value           34,608           10,113
Raghav's Picks Trading Range Indicator-788420.png
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