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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Trading (not Investment) Picks at the Current Levels

The Markets have corrected heavily from the recent Highs.
The Sensex was down to 29388.97 on the 13th of March from 42273.87 on the 20th of January and from 41709.3 as recently as on the 13th of February.
The pain in the markets is not yet over AND things will get a lot worse before they become any better.

While it's imperative to continue with your Mutual Fund SIPs and alike, it's not a good idea to go value hunting or bottom fishing in these markets.

However, trading opportunities abound in this market and are waiting for you at every level.

Just the trading opportunities of the last few months of the market turmoil:

DateStockIndicative Buying Qty
based on Lot Size
StrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per Lot (Rs.)
Holding Period (Days)
27-Dec-2019IDFCFIRSTB - EQ12000Buy44.7046.152-Jan-20201.4517400.06
30-Dec-2019IDFCFIRSTB - EQ12000Buy45.2546.152-Jan-20200.9010800.03
1-Jan-2020HINDPETRO - EQ2100Buy265.25269.002-Jan-20203.757875.01
8-Jan-2020IOC - EQ4000Buy122.85124.509-Jan-20201.656600.01
9-Jan-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy198.20204.0010-Jan-20205.8015660.01
27-Dec-2019IDFCFIRSTB - EQ12000Buy44.7045.2516-Jan-20200.556600.020
24-Dec-2019SOUTHBANK - EQ-Buy10.3511.1017-Jan-20200.7524

DateStockIndicative Buying Qty
based on Lot Size
StrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per Lot (Rs.)
Holding Period (Days)
31-Jan-2020INDUSINDBK - EQ400Buy1265127031-Jan-2020520000
31-Jan-2020INDUSINDBK - EQ400Buy1258127031-Jan-20201248000
31-Dec-2019BPCL - EQ1800Buy493.549905-Feb-20205.5990036
03-Jan-2020BPCL - EQ1800Buy482.549905-Feb-202016.52970033
31-Jan-2020BPCL - EQ1800Buy46749905-Feb-202032576005
28-Jan-2020INDUSINDBK - EQ400Buy1274.5131006-Feb-202035.5142009
05-Feb-2020ONGC - EQ4100Buy106109.307-Feb-20203.3135302
06-Feb-2020HINDALCO - EQ3500Buy194196.507-Feb-20202.587501
07-Feb-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy180184.2507-Feb-20204.25114750
18-Feb-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy343518-Feb-2020188000
18-Feb-2020LICHSGFIN - EQ1300Buy359364.518-Feb-20205.571500
18-Feb-2020LICHSGFIN - EQ1300Buy359373.320-Feb-202014.3185902
18-Feb-2020CPSEETF - EQBuy31.4132.420-Feb-20200.992
18-Feb-2020ICICIB22 - EQBuy19.1120.120-Feb-20200.992
18-Feb-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy3436.0520-Feb-20202.05180402
20-Feb-2020NCC - EQ9000Buy42.943.5520-Feb-20200.6558500
24-Feb-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy176.9178.525-Feb-20201.643201
24-Feb-2020ONGC - EQ4100Buy98.610025-Feb-20201.457401
25-Feb-2020AUROPHARMA - EQ1000Buy508.952026-Feb-202011.1111001
26-Feb-2020ICICIPRULI - EQ1500Buy478.548226-Feb-20203.552500
24-Feb-2020AUROPHARMA - EQ1000Buy510.552027-Feb-20209.595003

DateStockIndicative Buying Qty
based on Lot Size
StrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per
Lot (Rs.)
Holding Period
28-Feb-2020BANKBARODA - EQ5400Buy75.577.528-Feb-20202108000
28-Feb-2020BHEL - EQ10400Buy30.7531.128-Feb-20200.3536400
02-Mar-2020TVSMOTOR - EQ1350Buy436.544202-Mar-20205.574250
28-Feb-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy169.517803-Mar-20208.5229504
03-Mar-2020MINDTREE - EQ800Buy973.8598903-Mar-202015.15121200
03-Mar-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy31.233.105-Mar-20201.9167202
05-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy289291.805-Mar-20202.884000
06-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy272272.506-Mar-20200.515000
06-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy269.5272.506-Mar-2020390000
06-Mar-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy162209-Mar-20206528003
09-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy25725909-Mar-2020260000
06-Mar-2020YESBANK - EQ8800Buy1627.511-Mar-202011.51012005
11-Mar-2020BAJFINANCE - EQ250Buy4065410511-Mar-202040100000
12-Mar-2020SBIN - EQ3000Buy210.5215.512-Mar-20205150000
13-Mar-2020IDEA - EQ98000Buy3.955.713-Mar-20201.751715000
13-Mar-2020IDEA - EQ98000Buy3.954.2513-Mar-20200.3294000
13-Mar-2020IDEA - EQ98000Buy3.95513-Mar-20201.051029000
13-Mar-2020COALINDIA - EQ2700Buy15615813-Mar-2020254000

 Join us in benefiting from such trading opportunities with Raghav's Picks Cash Calls.

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