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Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Sensex Outlook for the Week Starting 17-02-2020

As indicated last week, we have a near term top at ~41700/~12250 from which the markets will only meander sideways/downwards.
The pace of the meandering/downward slide will vary. With domestic cues, including the last quarter's earnings, budget, and RBI policy behind us - the focus will be on global cues including the Corona Virus.

Continue to stick to stock-specific longs and index shorts. As I have always advised, please keep short positions on the NIFTY as per your risk appetite and MTM capacity.  

Index Levels 
S2           41,207           12,098
S1           41,223           12,103
Previous Close      41,257.74      12,113.45
R1           41,284           12,121
R2           41,325           12,133
Fair Value           34,450           10,115
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