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Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Sensex Outlook for the Week Starting 02-12-2019

We have had the best weekly change in the indices in more than 3 weeks. 
For the last few weeks, the figure for the weekly change in the indices was not reflecting the day to day volatility in the index moves.
Going forward into the last month of the year, with the not-so-great GDP nos just out, it makes more sense than ever to remain short on the markets.

Aggressive traders short the NIFTY with a trailing SL at 41164/12165 (cash levels). Others can stick to cash or adopt a stock-specific approach.
Index Levels 
S2           40,700           12,028
S1           40,746           12,042
Previous Close      40,793.81      12,056.05
R1           40,836           12,069
R2           40,867           12,078
Fair Value           29,946             8,850
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