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Friday, October 11, 2019

{New} Only NIFTY Futures Calls - Subscribe Today for ₹5000/3+ Months

Nifty Futures Calls are a mix of Intraday & Positional Trades on ONLY The NIFTY Future. All calls are Live-Market/Real-Time Calls and sent on WhatsApp.

Closed Calls in Current Series:
DateContractLot SizeStrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per Lot (Rs.)Holding Period (Days)
26-Sep-2019NIFTY Oct Future75Sell11655.0011584.0027-Sep-201971.005325.001
26-Sep-2019NIFTY Oct Future75Sell11655.0011452.0030-Sep-2019203.0015225.004
30-Sep-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11488.0011518.0030-Sep-201930.002250.000
30-Sep-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11488.0011555.0030-Sep-201967.005025.000
26-Sep-2019NIFTY Oct Future75Sell11655.0011441.001-Oct-2019214.0016050.005
1-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11561.0011530.001-Oct-201931.002325.000
1-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11561.0011500.001-Oct-201961.004575.000
1-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11561.0011441.001-Oct-2019120.009000.000
1-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11544.0011570.001-Oct-201926.001950.000
1-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11544.0011569.001-Oct-201925.001875.000
3-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11340.0011358.003-Oct-201918.001350.000
4-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11400.0011370.004-Oct-201930.002250.000
4-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11400.0011330.004-Oct-201970.005250.000
4-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11238.0011278.004-Oct-201940.003000.000
7-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11216.0011254.007-Oct-201938.002850.000
7-Oct-2019NIFTY Future (SL Triggered)75Buy11216.0011217.007-Oct-20191.0075.000
7-Oct-2019NIFTY Future (SL Triggered)75Buy11237.0011217.007-Oct-2019-20.00-1500.000
4-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11238.0011285.009-Oct-201947.003525.005
7-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11216.0011240.009-Oct-201924.001800.002
7-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11237.0011285.009-Oct-201948.003600.002
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11163.0011180.009-Oct-201917.001275.000
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11163.0011285.009-Oct-2019122.009150.000
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11158.0011180.009-Oct-201922.001650.000
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11158.0011285.009-Oct-2019127.009525.000
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11155.0011180.009-Oct-201925.001875.000
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Buy11155.0011285.009-Oct-2019130.009750.000
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11350.0011310.0010-Oct-201940.003000.001
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11350.0011275.0010-Oct-201975.005625.001
9-Oct-2019NIFTY Future75Sell11350.0011249.0010-Oct-2019101.007575.001
Stop Loss Triggered (Times)2
Average Loss per Stop Loss Triggered-713

Past Series:
SeriesNo of NIFTY
Average Gain/Trade (₹)Average Holding
Period (Days)
Stop Loss
Triggered (Times)
Average Loss per
Stop Loss Triggered (₹)
October'19 (On Going....)2946630.82-713
There can be a time lag between giving the Buy/Sell Call and when it is executed at the client end. This could also result in the trades being executed at slightly different prices - affecting the actual performance to that extent. Please keep the same in mind while looking at the above performance and subscribing to the services based on the same.  

*Disclaimer & Exclusion of Liability at Applies.

 ₹5000/Month - However if you Subscribe Today, you will get 3+ Months Calls (Till January 2020 Expiry)

BankKotak Mahindra Bank
Account NameRaghvendra Narendra Dhoot
Current Account Number76 11 41 00 68
IFSC Code for NEFTKKBK0000958
BranchNariman Point, Mumbai
Cash DepositPossible with ₹ 120 extra
PayTMMobile # 96199-24566
IMPSMMID - 9641451 linked to Mobile # - 96199-24566
UPIr n d h o o t @ k o t a k

Please mail me the payment details along with your Name & PAN (incase of cash deposits) to RNDHOOT@GMAIL.COM.

Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability -   

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