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Monday, August 5, 2019

The Sensex Outlook for the Week Starting 05-08-2019

While the markets are still trading below key levels including the 200 DMA, as long as they trade above 36600/10850, we can expect that price correction has given way to time correction. Any fall till 36800/10900 can be used to initiate trading longs. However the time to resume investments or bottom fishing hasn't come yet, unless you're a mutual fund investor.

Index Levels to Watch & Fair Value
Date 5-Aug-19
Index Sensex Nifty
S2            37,034           10,972
S1            37,085           10,988
Previous Close     37,118.22    10,997.35
R1            37,185           11,017
R2            37,206           11,023
Fair Value 29,533 8,750

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