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Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Sensex Outlook for the Week Starting 04-02-2019

The markets reversed from ~35375, but couldn't sustain 36700+ levels. Now that the Budget is behind us, the markets are going to be back in the trading zone between 35400 and 36600. 
If the markets do make a dash towards 36800 (10990), we can be sure of a meltdown post that level. 
The ideal strategy would be to hold NIFTY PUTS and look at stock-specific opportunities.

Date 04-Feb-19
Index Sensex Nifty
S2 36,302 10,843
S1 36,399 10,872
Previous Close   36,469.43 10,893.65
R1 36,707 10,964
R2 36,762 10,980
Fair Value 31,785 9,494

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