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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

FnO Calls 18-07-2018 : 79339 - Experience the Best of Raghav's Picks & the worst of the Markets @ 500 only

Its more than half-way into the July Series and the Markets are off All-Time-High's.
The rest of the series promises to be more volatile and exciting (gut-wrenching too for few).
You can now experience Raghav's Picks FnO Calls till July Expiry at a Flat Fee of  500 only.
Join us, as we Leverage Knowledge & Understanding, win over Volatile Markets - whether you are a beginner in Derivatives or an Expert, you will not be disappointed.

There is no last date to join under this offer, however the sooner you join, the more trading days and subsequently mores you have. 

Closed Calls in the Current Series:

DateContractLot SizeStrategyBuy/Short PriceSell/Cover PriceExit DateGain (Rs.)Gain per Lot (Rs.)Holding Period (Days)
2-Jul-18NIFTY July 10000 PE (Multiple Lots)375Sell1715.852-Jul-181.15431.250
2-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 05Jul18 25400 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy15.02505-Jul-18-15.025-30053
3-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 05Jul18 25400 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy4.0505-Jul-18-4.05-8102
5-Jul-18RELIANCE 920 Put (Multiple Lots1000Buy3.755-Jul-181.313000
5-Jul-18RELIANCE 920 Put (Multiple Lots1000Buy3.775-Jul-183.333000
5-Jul-18RELIANCE Future1000Sell9989835-Jul-1815150000
28-Jun-18YESBANK Future (Rollover)1750Buy344.85366.259-Jul-1821.43745011
10-Jul-18NIFTY Future (Stop-Loss Triggered)75Sell109151093010-Jul-18-15-11250
9-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 12Jul 26000 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy9112-Jul-18-8-16003
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy546116-Jul-18714000
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy546516-Jul-181122000
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy556516-Jul-181020000
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy556516-Jul-181020000
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy485816-Jul-181020000
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy486516-Jul-181734000
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy6272.216-Jul-1810.220400
16-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy628016-Jul-181836000
17-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy15.72418-Jul-188.316601
18-Jul-18NIFTY July 10800 PE (Multiple Lots)375Buy313718-Jul-18622500
18-Jul-18BANKNIFTY 19Jul 26600 PE (Multiple Lots)200Buy6.22418-Jul-1817.835600
18-Jul-18NIFTY July 10600 PE (Multiple Lots)375Buy8.91518-Jul-186.12287.50

Earlier Series:

SeriesTotal Gains (Rs.)Average Holding Period (Days)
April 2016626865.03.0
May 2016548147.55.7
June 20161031668.84.9
July 20161314852.54.8
August 2016478047.54.0
September 20161261752.57.0
October 2016633950.02.0
November 2016771206.01.7
December 2016533560.02.2
January 2017528213.03.3
February 20172126702.57.3
March 2017947782.04.3
April 2017868117.54.3
May 2017385440.03.1
June 2017463293.81.3
July 2017649811.55.8
August 2017746065.04.3
September 2017896236.13.5
October 20172221042.511.9
November 2017452465.01.8
December 2017651200.04.6
January 2018873087.04.5
February 2018108183.83.7
March 2018176554.52.6
April 2018734797.54.1
May 20181134171.94.5
June 2018535378.84.4

There can be a time lag between giving the Buy/Sell Call and when it is actually executed at the client end. This could also result in the trades being executed at slightly different prices - affecting the actual performance to that extent.

Please keep the same in mind while looking at the above performance and subscribing to the services on the basis of the same.

*Disclaimer & Exclusion of Liability at Applies.

Charges:- Only  500 till July Expiry,instead of the following:

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