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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Sensex Outlook for the Day - 19-06-2018

Trade wars or peace, our markets have been in the grip of a downward trend since the last few trading days and will remain so in the extreme near term.

​Remain aggressively short on the markets with closing SL at 35716.We are armed with NIFTY & BANKNIFTY Puts as a protection from any war - Trade or anything else.

Date 19-Jun-18
Index Sensex Nifty
S2 35,476 10,776
S1 35,519 10,789
Previous Close                               35,548.26 10,799.85
R1 35,573 10,806
R2 35,590 10,811
Fair Value 31,967 9,711

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