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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sure Shot Calls on P/L Sharing Basis

· The Calls will be exclusively from BSE – A group stocks.

· There will be minimum 4 trades in a month.

· Horizon will be 3 – 10 trading days.

· For Traders / Investors who can take a minimum 250,000/- position in a single stock in the BSE Cash segment or of equivalent margin in NSE Futures segment.

· Fees – We will charge a flat upfront fee of 10,000/month to keep you in our mailing list. Any calls that we give and you trade on, you will confirm the price & quantity upon buying and the selling price on exit. We will charge 50% of the Net Profits and also underwrite 100% of the losses, if any. The profits (or losses, if any) will be settled within 3 trading days from the exit date, after giving credit of the flat upfront fee of that month.

· Any 3 defaults in sharing the profits will cancel the subscription to the service, forfeiting any flat upfront fees paid.

· This service is ideally for those who can invest atleast 10,00,000/- in a month in A Group stocks in the cash segment (or equivalent margin in the Futures segment), so please don't waste our time or embarrass yourself by asking for discounts (on the flat upfront fee) or a free trial.

· Any further details or the actual modus operandi will be shared only with Live Subscribers.

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