Monday, May 18, 2015

We are 10 Years Old today - Subscribe to F&O Calls/Stocks2Watch/SureShotCalls @ 10% !!!

Raghav's Picks completes 10 years old on the 18th of May.
Those who subscribed last week @ 50%/60% discount will get the discount differential as a Cashback.
Subscribe to F&O Calls @ 2000/annum or 700/quarter instead of `20000/annum or `7000/quarter

Subscribe to Stocks2Watch @ 250/annum instead of `2500/annum 

Subscribe to SureShotCalls (1 & 2 both) @ 1000/annum instead of `10000/annum 

Those who subscribe at these rates,will remain locked at these rates for all subsequent renewals!

For More Info & Bank Details for payment : 
or Call/WhatsApp 9619924566

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