Tuesday, October 6, 2009

25% Cash Back

Get 25% Cash Back in the form of Shoppers Stop/ Life Style/ Hypercity Gift Vouchers
Service Suitable For Delivery Medium Charges (Rs) per Annum 25% Cash Back* Effective Cost for you (Rs)
Raghav's Picks Premium All types of investors Email 10000 2500 7500
Raghav's Picks Sure Shot Calls Day Traders SMS & Email 7500 1875 5625
Raghav's Picks Best Buy Portfolio Medium to long term investors Email 5000 1250 3750
Raghav's Picks Best Funds to Buy Mutual Fund investors Email 2500 625 1875
7777 NewsWire Investors looking for a pure Information Service Email 1000 250 750
Raghav's Picks Pivot Trading Calls Day Traders Email 1000 250 750
* You can choose the mode of redeeming the 25% Cash Back Value in the form of Extended Subscription, Cash Discount or Shoppers Stop/ Life Style/ Hypercity Gift Vouchers.
For more details on the above services and payment modes, please see the attached file.
Thanking you,
Raghav @ Raghav's Picks

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